How do you sit down?

Our culture is a sedentary one. We tend to sit, move and rest in certain limited patterns. When we move and exercise we reinforce those same patterns. So how do we change that?

  • First, we need to start being aware of how we are using our bodies.
  • Look in a mirror and watch yourself sit down and then stand up.
  • Did you just sit down in your favorite chair?
  • How did you lower yourself into your chair?
  • Did you plop down into your chair?
  • Did you use your hands on the arms of the chair to lower yourself?
  • Or did you use the back of your leg and hip muscles, the hamstrings and glutes, to lower yourself into your chair? If you did this one, congratulations! You just did a chair squat and used the right muscles to sit down in your chair!
  • It's alright if you can't do a chair squat yet, it's important to see where your movement is.
  • In my restorative exercise personal sessions and even my small group classes, this is something that I can help you with.
  • Maybe, eventually, you can get on the floor and back up, and even do it unassisted.
Chronic headacheChronic headacheChronic headacheChronic headache
I attended Emily’s Restorative Wellness class for the feet on Sept. 23rd 2018. Prior to the class didn’t know how much my foot position was effecting my posture and contributing to my chronic back problems. Since the class, with the knowledge and tools Emily provided, my back pain is gone and I am using the appropriate muscles in my legs, and not the muscles in my back, to walk and run. Emily has extensive knowledge on the body’s anatomy and body mechanics. During her sessions she educates on proper body mechanics and manipulation for long term beneficial results on chronic issues.

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