Emily Boudwin at Restorative Health and Wellness specializes in chronic pain management through medical massage and self-care techniques. Our office provides a pain relief solution to chronic pain sufferers of all ages.

TMJ Masseter Self Massage Tutorial

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TMJ Masseter Self Massage Tutorial Common Symptoms of TMJ dysfunction: Clicking, grating or popping in the jaw Pain in and around the jaw Clenching and grinding of teeth while sleeping or awake Difficulty opening mouth Difficulty closing mouth Jaw locking in open/closed position Pain in the teeth T...

Neck Self Massage Tutorial

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Neck Self Massage Tutorial Are you having headaches and pain around and behind your eye, or these other common symptoms? Tension headache. Muscles tender to touch. Persistent, dry, tickly cough. Nausea and loss of appetite. Seasickness or car sickness. Deep ear pain. Pain in the cheek and molar tee...

TMJ Pain Relief

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TMJ Pain and Dysfunction TMJ pain can be painful and debilitating, irritating and constantly nagging, or just poke you periodically to say hey I’m still here! Either way, it is not pleasant. I completely understand, as I too suffer from TMJ dysfunction and pain. I think this is why I have been so su...