Research has shown that chronic pain relief can be achieved through self-care and medical massage therapy. Pain relief and wellness education, as well as individualized treatment plans, are our focus.

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Chronic Pain Relief

through medical massage and self care

TMJ  Headaches  Migraines  ETC.

What to Expect:

First Medical Massage Appointment

Emily Boudwin neuromuscular massage therapist Boise

Step 1

Schedule your medical massage appointment in Boise, Idaho with Emily, a neuromuscular massage therapist.

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Step 2

Fill out your health history intake form online, so I am ready to work with you on the day of your appointment!

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Step 3

First visit!  Discuss with Emily your chronic pain and areas of concern.

SCM neck ache relief massage

Step 4

Massage and movement will focus on your specific issues.  Learn what you can do at home to help ease your chronic pain!

Neck and Headache Relief

Does this sound like you?

Tight neck that hurts,

turning chin right.


Office worker with chronic headaches due to tension in shoulders and neck, from too much stress or time at the computer.

SCM massage to ease neck tension and headacheVisual of neck showing SCM sternocleidomastoid

TMJ pain can be painful and debilitating, irritating and constantly nagging, or just poke you periodically to say hey I’m still here!

TMJ Pain Relief Session:

  • A detailed history of your TMJ issues, headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain and discomfort will be taken.
  • Massage of the affected areas will be performed to assess the problem areas.
  • Gloves will be worn to work on and assess the muscles inside of the mouth and jaw.
  • This is inta-oral TMJ massage.
  • A treatment plan will be offered.
  • Learn how to self-massage your jaw at home.
  • We will have a discussion of your lifestyle and how it is affecting your TMJ dysfunction and pain.

TMJ massage inside of the mouth to release jaw muscles3D model muscles of chewing, typical muscles that cause TMJ pain


45 minute massage


Focusing on 1-2 pain areas

2-Hour Individualized Couples Massage Class


Learn how to give a massage without needing one afterwards! This is an individualized couples massage class where you will learn the basics of professional massage, and proper body mechanics to massage your spouse, friend, child, etc., by mimicking the instructor. We will be focusing on your common pain areas, such as headaches, back pain, hip complaints, and issues specific to you.

90 minute massage


Focusing on 1-3 pain areas

Monthly massage memberships


I have several options available, depending on your needs, to help reduce and relieve your chronic pain. These options will be discussed at your appointment.

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Boise medical massage therapist Emily Boudwin
Balancing while putting shoes on feet
Emily Boudwin graduaded Suma Cum Laude from massage school in 2010
Emily Boudwin is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Idaho

About your medical massage therapist.

Emily Boudwin

Emily is a licensed massage therapist with 10 years of experience, focusing on relieving pain and improving range of motion with her clients. Her goal is to always work for her client's relief and comfort, using her skills to help the body heal naturally.

She attended a 750 hour massage therapy program at Gwinnett College Sandy Springs, in Atlanta Georgia, in 2010, graduating with highest honors. Part of the focus of her program was earning her neuromuscular therapy certification.

She loves learning and improving her ability to help others.  Here are some of the things she has done in the last ten years to better serve you:
  • In 2012 she earned continuing education in pregnancy massage, in Salt Lake City Utah.
  • In 2016 she earned her Healthy Foot Practitioner certification, through Katy Bowman.
  • May 2017 Emily earned her Primal Health Coach certification through Mark Sisson’s certification.
  • June 2018 Emily earned her AIP certified coach through Sarah Ballantyne’s program.
  • October 2018, Emily became certified as a Restorative Exercise- Certified Personal Trainer through Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement Training, a 200+ hour certification.

Emily enjoys spending time with her family, husband of 21 years and two early adult daughters. One of which is developmentally disabled, which has given Emily compassion and endurance in life. She follows a paleo lifestyle, as it has made a difference in her health. Using the paleo framework of health, she has spent the last six years learning and figuring out her complex medical issues.  She loves to cook and create recipes, watch cooking shows, play unique board games with her family, and just enjoy life!

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